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10 years in the Market and several Companies around the World trusting AboveSoft Utilities endorse us.

Born in 1999 as a Batch Input program generation tool, today AboveSoft Utilities includes three applications for SAP:


AboveSoft Analyzer which analyzes static ABAP/4 code to detect possible performance problems; it also calculates several metrics including developers productivity and quality of the programs written by your ABAP/4 team. Automatically generates Class Diagrams for ABAP Objects' global classes and interfaces, Structure Diagrams, Entity-Relationship Diagrams (ERD) of the SAP dictionary and SQL Diagrams of the SQL clauses found in the code. It also incorporates automatic hardcode detection, automatic broken naming conventions detection and the Explain function which extracts comments from the source code (written by the developers) to build the documentation. Among other things like the SQL Optimizer.

AboveSoft Predictor which estimates time & cost of a SAP projects. It can be configured to support other type of projects. It uses an algorithm that improves the estimations based on your existing projects.

BIG Code Generator which generates not only Batch Input programs but also BAPI-based Input programs. Includes a powerful BAPI Locator.

You will also have frequent software upgrades for more features without additional cost.

Your investment will return back in less than two weeks, and using this software will ease the tasks performed by your IT Team.

Visit the software download area and give it a try with no purchase obligation.

Or meet it by checking the software movies and screenshots.

Why you should buy a license of AboveSoft Utilities?

In short... because it's worth it!

You are going to save time, and by saving time you will be saving money.

But that's in the short-term. In the long-term you will realize that your developments run faster, are better documented
and were estimated better.

Give it a try! You can do it for free with no purchase obligation.



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