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Steps to follow for BAPI-based program generation

Click "New Transaction or BAPI" button. A second window will appear. Click on "BAPI Locator" to search for the BAPI that you want to include.

The "BAPI Locator" has all the information about the BAPIs in your system. To refresh this information (which comes already predefined for a particular system), from the BAPI Locator window click "Update". If you cannot establish a connection to an SAP system, run the program ZGETBAPIDATA to retrieve that information. Click here to get more information about this step.

Select a BAPI from the tree, or search for a BAPI using the "Find First/Find Next" button. You can search in titles or within help files.

Click OK to import the BAPI to "PROGRAM SPECIFICATION". If a field is red that indicates the beginning of a BAPI-table.

If at least one BAPI-table exists, then you should decide whether to take data from a single file with variable records, or from multiple files. When single-file is selected, this file will contain variable records, that is, a record with the information that doesn't belong to a BAPI-table, and one record for each BAPI-table. Refer to BAPI-table definition to configure BAPI-tables. From Advanced Options choose if data will come from a single-file or from multiple files.

If "Auto-fill" is selected and you go down through the yellow column (PROGRAM SPECIFICATION), FILE SPECIFICATION will be automatically completed. If the source is already predefined you can rearrange the rows in File Specificaction (using the arrows or if you want you can manually type in FILE SPECIFICATION your own column names, and then drag & drop this fields on the yellow column).

If you cannot establish a connection to the SAP system, from "Utilities" tab click "Generate text file with information about fields" (this will create a file C:\TABLE_FIELDS which will be used to interchange information with the SAP system), and then run ZGETWIDTH program in SAP (previously you should upload this program from the installation directory of this package). Then, also from "Utilities" tab, use "Import fields width".

Choose a program generation method (Call Transaction or session generators programs, and the source of data (client file, server file, database table).

Generate the program by clicking on "Generate program".

Optional. At any moment you may: