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AboveSoft Utilities 2014
Three applications in one package. More and more features everyday.

This product is compatible with most SAP solutions, including SAP R/3®, the mySAP™ ERP application, NetWeaver ECC 5.0, NetWeaver ECC 6.0 and mySAP Business Suite. Even if intended for R/3 and its successors, the product is also compatible with other solutions such as CRM and BW.

AboveSoft Utilities includes the following applications:

AboveSoft Analyzer. Analyzes ABAP/4 code to detect performance problems. Calculates ABAP/4 metrics. Automatically generates code Diagrams. Infers documentation from code. Generates Productivity & Quality charts. Provides an SQL Optimizer for the Open SQL SELECT clauses.

Entity-Relationship Diagram
Entity-Relationship Diagrams for
the SAP dictionary.
Structure Diagram
Structure Diagrams for
the ABAP/4 code.

Class Diagram
Class Diagrams for ABAP Global
Classes and Interfaces.

SQL Diagram
SQL Diagrams for the
Open SQL clauses.

AboveSoft Predictor. Estimates Projects' Time and Expenditure. This tool is a major evolution of the previous estimation tool which was part of AboveSoft Utilities.

This new tool generates a connection to any SAP system. Based on Estimation Templates that can be graphically created, all the information is saved to the SAP system. By using SAP as the backend system, users can share Estimation Templates, Projects and User Groups. Project Managers can generate estimation tasks for their teams or other teams, and the estimates are consolidated in a single view. When generating estimation tasks, AboveSoft Predictor can notify emails addresses or distribution lists directly from the SAP Business Workplace (SAP Office).

BIG Code Generator. Generates Batch Input interfaces and BAPI-based
interfaces for ABAP/4.



Latest Software upgrade:
Mar. 19th, 2014.


AboveSoft Utilities
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