Metrics for Source code ZTESTMETRICS



Lines of Code (LOC)                    : 1842


Source Lines Of Code (SLOC)            : 1224

counts only executable lines and data

definitions; blank & comment lines are



Developer Effort                       : 1457

calculated using developer productivity

template: Default_PRT.dat


SQL Quality                            : 9 of 10

above or equal 7 = OK;

below 7 = SQL clauses can be improved;

below 4 = SQL clauses must be improved.


Cyclomatic Complexity                  : 192

number of binary decisions found in the

code; it defines code complexity and also

a minimum number of test cases that must

be developed to test the code (add one).


Max. Cycl. Complex. found in a module  : 27

number of binary decisions found in the

most complex module.

Module: GET BSEG


Comment Ratio                          : 31

number of comments divided by the number

of SLOC * 100; a 25% ratio or more is

desirable to improve maintainability.


Average SLOC p/module                  : 31

average SLOC per module; modules include

subroutines, abap modules, methods, events

plus the main code; below 50 is desirable

to improve maintainability, to reduce

coupling and thus to improve reusability.


Max. SLOC found in a module            : 75

maximum SLOC found in a module; observe

the Average SLOC p/module along with this

value to detect a non-uniform distribution.

Module: (main)


Cyclomatic Complexity p/SLOC           : 0.16

cyclomatic complexity per SLOC denotes

complexity density of the source code;

with values equal or greater than 0.30

the code will be difficult to maintain.


Subroutines                            : 28

number of forms found in the code.


Parameter-Passing Subroutines ratio    : 18%

number of subroutines which accept

parameters divided by the number of

subroutines * 100; a high ratio close

to 100% is desirable, this improves

reliability, reusability and

understandability of the code.