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BIG End-User

BDC session editor / Z-data errors table editor (run ZBIGENDUSER to download/upload Z-data errors batchs). It allows you to modify data in existing SAP BDC sessions or errors batch (BIG format). For BDC edition only operates on SAP release 4.0 or higher (SAP R/3 previous than 4.0 does not allow download/upload of sessions).

"BIG End-User" is delivered as part of "BIG Code Generator" and also as a stand-alone application. As a stand-alone application it can be installed using the same license purchased for "BIG Code Generator" (at the same time). It is permitted to install "BIG End-User" in a shared-disk to allow every user within a company to use this application. A company must have at least one "AboveSoft Utilities" license to use this application.

Browse (1)

This is the next step after downloading a BDC session or a Z-Data Errors batch. Follow these steps to download a BDC session:

Now you can click "Browse" and select the file that you downloaded.

Select <ALL TRANSACTIONS/OPERATIONS> or specific transactions (2)

If you select <ALL TRANSACTIONS/OPERATIONS> conversion will be performed over every type of transaction or operation contained in the file. Or, if treating a BDC session, you will be able to choose which type of transaction you want to modify.

Filtering selection (3)

Choose up to three posible fields to filter the transactions/operations that will be modified. Leave all the fields blank to perform the conversion on every transaction.

Fields must always fulfill the condition / Fields must fulfill the condition at least once (4)

If you choose the first option, the fields (for filtering) must always fulfill the condition specified. For example if in a transaction the field "BKPF-BLDAT" appears twice but only once the condition is accomplished, then the transaction will be ignored (conversion will not be performed). If you choose the other option, with only one value that fullfills the condition the transaction/operation will be selected.

Field (5)

Field on which conversion will be performed.

Replace value with (6)

This value will replace the value that may appear or part of the value according to selection. The new value will be entered as the user entered it (using or not Caps as the user did).

Conversion applies when the field takes any value (7)

If this option is selected, values corresponding to the selected field (or all fields) will be replaced with the value Replace value with.

Conversion applies when field or part of field contains: <text> (8)

If this option is selected, values corresponding to the selected field (or all fields) will be replaced with the value Replace value with only if the field value contains the text specified in <text>. The text entered here is not case sensitive.


Replacing all the field value (9)

Replaces all the field value even if only a part matches. Example: this option can be used to replace dates, if a value matches with "1999.05", replace the date with "1999.06.01" (this way 1999.05.07, 1999.05.20 and so on, would be replaced with 1999.06.01).

Replace only the part of the field that matches (10)

Replace the part of the field that matches using the new value (even into a single value, replaces all occurences with the new value).

Execute conversion (11)

Executes the conversion of the session to a temporary file. At the end it shows up the number of replacements that were made (if more than one replacement were made in a field value, only one will be counted), and after that a confirmation request will appear to replace original file with the temporary file created.