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Use and creation of Auto-formulas

An auto-formula is a piece of an ABAP/4 code that may be applied to a field (*) from the "ABAP/4 for the field...." window , and generally to apply a conversion over the same. The difference between Auto-formulas and Conversion Tables is that they can convert data dynamically, instead of converting a fixed data into another. For example, you may use an auto-formula to convert the old material code to the new material code. For this example (that is already prepared as an auto-formula), the new material code is obtained by using the SELECT clause with the old material as the searching key. Some predefined formulas to change the date format are also provided.

Creation of Auto-formulas

To create an auto-formula simply edit the "formulas.txt" file from the directory where BIG was installed and then proceed as follows:

 (*) The step-loop fields and BAPI-table fields do not support auto-formulas at the present.