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Most common solutions are listed in red

Problem Cause Solution

Message "Cannot retrieve list of developers" or "Cannot read System Information" appears after logon.

Authorizations problem. Ask the Basis for the required authorizations, or alternatively, apply this work-around solution.
SAP client/system is not a Development client/system. Log on to an SAP development client/system. Usually this is the configuration client or sandbox client within the development system. If for some reason you need to log on to a client not intended for development, apply the work-around solution provided above.

Under Windows Vista or Windows 7 you receive the following message when registering the license key provided to you:
"License successfully installed. Do you want to install another license?" but when answering "No" the application closes and next time it forces you to register the license again and again.

User Account Control (UAC) under Windows Vista or Windows 7 is preventing the application from writing in certain directories (Windows folder and/or the application folder, even from an Administrator account).

If possible disable the User Account Control (UAC). This can be done from:

Windows Vista / Windows 7 > Control Panel > User Accounts > Turn User Account Control on or off > Disable the checkbox "Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer".

Alternatively do not install the application to "x:\Program Files\AboveSoft\" folder. Choose for example "x:\AboveSoft".
After logon the following message appears:
"Invalid RFC Function module. Click Help / Contents > Troubleshooting."
You applied the work-around solution indicated above but you didn't follow the steps exactly as stated in the instructions. Repeat the steps indicated for the work-around solution without altering anything.
Logon is not working and no message appears. SAPGui is not installed. Install SAPGui and check system requirements.
When installing SAPGui 620 some controls did not register correctly.

Since this is a very frequent problem we delivered an application to automatically register these controls.

To solve this problem click on the link below, then click Open:

Run automatic registration of required controls

For more information see OSS note 686140.

SNC name is configured but SNC is disabled Click "Properties" for the Development system entry on the SAP Logon. Then click "Advanced" and delete SNC name if SNC is not enabled.
Message "You are not authorized to logon to the target system" appears when trying to log on to an SAP system, even when the password is known to be correct. You are trying to log on to an SAP system older than ERP2005. That system cannot handle case-sensitive passwords (passwords are saved in upper-case). The SAPGui controls you are using are from SAPGui 640 or higher. Those controls are not converting the password you type to upper-case.

Type the user password in upper-case.

Message "Name or password is incorrect (repeat logon)" appears when trying to log on to an SAP system, even when the password is known to be correct. You are trying to log on to an ERP2005 or higher using a set of SAPGui controls that cannot handle case-sensitive passwords. The SAPGui controls are converting the password you type to upper-case, even when the password is lower-case.

Change the user password to upper-case (from the initial SAPGui screen or from transaction SU01).

Alternatively install the latest SAPGui.

Message "Entry NNN NNN' not found in saplogon.ini" appears when trying to log on to an SAP system. Error in SAPLogon.ini file

Locate SAPLogon.ini file. Then open it and if it contains entries as these:

Item3=SAP R3 Dev
Item4=SAP R3 QA
Item5=SAP R3 Prod

Then remove those blank lines from Item1 and Item2 and rename the other lines as Item1, Item2 and Item3. Change the rest of the file to keep it consistent.

Logon window appears, but it doesn't respond to mouse actions. Some components delivered by a SAPGui installation don't behave as expected. Use the keyboard to manually select the system you want to log on to (use <tab> to move from object to object). See OSS note 660832.
Message "Connect to SAP Gateway failed" appears when trying to log on to an SAP system. SAPLogon is not properly configured. Configure the SAPLogon entry according to your system parameters.
Logon balancing error for the RFC connection. Create a new entry in the SAPLogon which does not balance. Log on to the SAP system using this new entry.
Other type of Logon error. Unknown. See OSS note 153265 for different problems associated to external logon to an SAP system.
Source code cannot be retrieved. SQL Analyses sometimes show higher results due to table definitions that cannot be retrieved. Connection is lost.

Under "System > Settings > General" click:

Keep connection alive (opers may be slower; use on unstable connections).

Message "Component 'FlowChartPro.dll' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid" appears when trying to generate a diagram. Lack of Windows permissions when installing the application.

Reinstall the application or try registering the flowchartpro.dll library by running the following command:

regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\flowchartpro.dll

The path "c:\windows\system32\" may be different depending on your windows installation. You may have to search for the flowchartpro.dll library and replace this path.