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Search for Programs

Search for programs window lets you search for programs, functions, includes and more. You can specify multiple programs at a time (programs starting with Z*; includes starting with LZ*,etc (see the figure above).

You can filter the selection to the programs that contain some words you specify (for example programs that contain the keyword "CALL TRANSACTION"). To find this kind of compound strings you have to select "exact phrase". The other three options are: "all the words" (the program must contain all the words but in any order and not necessarily together); "any of the words" (if at least one of the words is found, the program is listed in the selection); pattern matching (see Pattern Matching help for more information).

After the selection is listed, click Analyze to start the analyses (productivity and quality of the code), click Download if you want to download the source code to the local workstation; click Find hardcode, broken naming... to detect hardcode, broken naming conventions and broken rules (naming conventions and rules must be previously defined); click Print to print the selection (just the list, not the program) or click Create group with list to create a group of programs in order to save it for further analyses in a future time.

If you want to open the program in a new window, just double-click on it and the program will be loaded in a new source code window.