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Product Characteristics

Product compatibility

This product is compatible with most SAP solutions, including SAP R/3®, the mySAP™ ERP application and mySAP Business Suite. Even if intended for R/3 and its successors, the product is also compatible with other solutions such as CRM and BW.

In this manual and also in the software itself you will find references to "SAP". This is a generic reference to all these SAP solutions.

Components of this product


AboveSoft Analyzer establishes an online connection to an SAP development system in order to analyze the source code of a group of programs selected by the user or belonging to a user or a group of users. For each of these programs AboveSoft Analyzer can measure several metrics which also include the expected quality of the code (based on the SQL SELECT clauses) and the developers' productivity. In addition to this it automatically builds the Structure Diagrams for the ABAP/4 code, the Entity-Relationship Diagrams for the SAP tables, the SQL Diagrams for the Open SQL SELECT clauses, and the Class Diagrams for global classes and interfaces. Other features include Hardcode detection, broken Naming-Conventions detection and broken Rules detection.

Productivity & Quality

The productivity is calculated based on a template which assigns a rate for each code instruction. These templates can be copied and modified by the user according to the company requirements. For more information see Productivity & Quality Analyses.

The expected quality of the code is calculated based on how the developer designed the SELECT clauses to take advantage of the existing database indexes. This rate is also affected by the expected size of a table, and the record length -if the developer uses <SELECT *> -. For more information see SQL Analyses & SQL Optimizer.

This information is graphically displayed for each developer, which allows the user to compare developers' results against each other or against the average. A quality report is also generated to allow a developer to improve the SELECT clauses or add the missing indexes.

Groups of programs/developers can be saved, which allows the user to perform quick comparisons/analyses each time the program is launched.

Other features

"Share results" feature allows the user to run a 6-month analysis and share this information with other companies (over the internet). This feature is useful to compare results against other companies that also use AboveSoft Analyzer.

"Test Instant ABAP" feature which allows the user to quickly write a program and execute it from within the application. These programs can also be saved for future use.

"Search for programs" feature that allows to search for programs containing all the specified words, any of the specified words, an exact phrase or a pattern.