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Productivity & Quality Analyses

AboveSoft Analyzer perform their Productivity/Quality Analyses on the following basis:

Productivity Analyses rate

The Productivity rate depends on the selected template. The default template (Default_PRT.dat) combines Source Lines Of Code (SLOC) with a scoring for each type of instruction found in the code. As the instruction involves more complexity, a higher scoring is assigned (this scoring can be assigned once or each time the instruction appears). This default template is intended to measure the Productivity of the developers based on how much and how complex the code they wrote is.

A second template is provided which measures Source Lines Of Code (SLOC). It works by assigning a scoring of 1 for each instruction found in the code. SLOC measuring is performed based on a logical count of lines (i.e. two instructions found in the same line are considered as two lines; comments are not counted).