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If you have a previous version of AboveSoft Utilities installed, uninstall it (this can be done in Control Panel; Add/Remove programs).

To install the software from the CD-ROM proceed as follows:

Insert the disk on the CD-ROM unit. This should automatically start SETUP.exe program, except that auto-run feature would be disabled. If it doesn't start automatically, browse the drive and manually execute SETUP.exe. Follow the on-line installation instructions.

To install the software from the files on the internet:

Z* PROGRAMS for BIG Code Generator (optional):

After installing the software, upload ZGETWIDTH, ZGETBAPIDATA and ZBIGENDUSER to the SAP system from the installation directory (typically C:\AboveSoft\). These programs are only necessary if you cannot log on to an SAP system (for example if you don't have the necessary RFC authorizations) or if you need to upload/download the z-table records when using error management (ZBIGENDUSER only). Generally you won't need to upload these files.