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Structure & SQL Diagrams

Structure & SQL Diagrams window contains the diagrams infered for the selected program. Use the level-selection to reduce the size of the tree if you want to paste the image in your own document. For the same purpose, double-click a box to open its subtree in a new FlowChart window.

Structure Diagram tab: Contains the Structure diagram for the program and INCLUDEs. You can delete some of the subtrees if you think that there are not necessary to be shown -click on the parent box and hit the 'Delete' key-. Then rearrange the diagram by clicking the 'Rearrange' button.

SQL Diagrams' tab: Contains the SQL diagrams for each of the SQL sentences found in the program. Use the dropdown list to select which diagram you want to show. You can click on the tables to manually rearrange the diagram or to resize the table diagram. The tables are initially built with a standard size but contain all the fields found on the SAP dictionary; so you can enlarge them or reduce them to match the size of their fields. Double-click on the title of a table for table details.

Explain Code button. Extracts the comments for each subroutine shown in the Structure Diagram to build the documentation for the source code. If pseudcomments flag is active, some of these comments are generated automatically based on the source code (listed in red).

Table Details: Double-click on the title of a table for table details.