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Source Code

Source Code window lets you perform most of the actions available in AboveSoft Analyzer.

From this window you will be able to run program analyses, infer the Project dependencies, infer the Structure and SQL diagrams and even execute the code (intended to run performance tests; does not support selection-screens). You can double-click on INCLUDEs or SUBMITs to open the code in a new window, or double-click tables and structures to view the structure in a new window.

Project: Opens Development Project window and infers dependencies for the source code (includes and submits)

Analyze: Starts program analyses. The analyses are based on the single source code -without includes nor SUBMITs-. To run the analyses for the whole program; click on Project to infer the program dependencies; then on the Development Project window click Analyze.

Hardcode: Finds hardcode, broken naming conventions and broken rules. Naming conventions must be previously defined, otherwise it will apply a template based on Hungarian notation which is provided as an example of how you can define your own template. Rules are defined in the same way as naming conventions; a template to check customer-permitted database operations is also provided as an example (using this template you can detect if any Z program is inserting/updating/deleting standard tables).

Struc: Reverse-engineers the Structure diagram and the SQL Diagrams based on the code and its includes.

E-R: Builds an Entity-Relationship Diagram starting from the tables found in SQL SELECT clauses which reside in the code and includes.

Execute: Executes the code and shows the result (WRITEs) in a new window. Does not support selection-screens; it is intended to run performance tests.

Find: Searches the source code for the specified keyword. Click <F3> to repeat a search.

Print: Prints the source code as formatted in the screen (blue comments are printed in a bold font, even if they start in the middle of lines).