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Class Diagram

Class Diagram window contains the Class Diagram for the global classes and interfaces selected by you.

Adding Classes and/or Interfaces: You can add multiple classes and/or interfaces to the Class Diagram by clicking "Add Class" (even in a single step, by searching for multiple classes/interfaces using the wildcards and separating search strings by ";". For example: "zcl*;zif*;z*finance"). Click SHIFT and the arrow keys or CTRL and the mouse button to select multiple entries.

Open Diagram: Select this option to open an existing diagram (.CLD extension).

Save Diagram: Select this option to save the current diagram (.CLD extension).

Details: Click Details button to build a report for the whole diagram (classes, interfaces, method parameters, events, types, inheritance).

Single Class/Interface Details: Double-click on a class or interface name to build a report for that class or interface. This report is the same report as on Details but for a single class/interface.

Create you own relationships: Click on a class/interface and drag the arrow to another class/interface to build your own relationships.

Deleting class/interfaces: Select a class/interface and hit "Del" to delete the object from the diagram.

When adding classes hide private/protected attributes and methods: Select this option to hide private and protected attributes and methods when adding new classes to the diagram (only public components will be shown). Interfaces are not affected by this option since all the components of an interface are public. The Class Diagram Details will still show all the components (only the diagram will be affected by this option).

Hide arrow descriptions: Click Hide arrow descriptions to show/hide the descriptions on the arrows.