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Area: Options

Allows to set up options for program generation and File locations.


Program header

Allows adding/removing some attributes from the header of the programs that BIG Code Generator will generate.

Retrieving of client-side source files

Select if you want to use GUI_UPLOAD or WS_UPLOAD function to retrieve files located on the client-side. This parameter will not be saved as part of .BIG templates. Instead it will be saved as part of BIG Configuration.

Retrieving of server-side source files

When retrieving server-side files, select ENCODING additions for opening datasets; or type in your own additions to the OPEN DATASET. These additions will not be saved as part of .BIG templates. Instead they will be saved as part of BIG Configuration. When logging on to an SAP system, the application can change your selection based on the SAP version. SAP version prior to 4.70 does not support the ENCODING addition; and from 4.70 and higher the ENCODING addition is obligatory when opening datasets in text mode on a system which supports Unicode.

Naming Conventions

Click "Activate" to activate naming conventions for structures and variables defined for the ABAP source code generated by BIG. You can change these naming conventions to fit your needs. Naming Conventions do not apply for variables defined by the user nor for BAPI structures. These parameters will not be saved as part of the .BIG Templates. Instead they will be saved as part of BIG Configuration.



BDC session name

Use this field to name the batch input session (if a batch input session is to be generated) By default an automatic name based on .BIG format file name is generated.

Processing mode

Choose between sending all fields to a screen, or only non-empty fields. In case non-empty fields are sent, it is possible to set up a code for the empty value. Choose not to send empty-fields in order to minize errors like "the field nnnn does not exist for dynpro nnnn".

Input data when using fixed-width files

Use separate files for the main table and each step-loop/BAPI table, linked by a key to the main file (Default). A different file will be needed for each step-loop (when batch input) or each BAPI-table (when calling a BAPI), plus the main file. A key will relate the records from the step-loop/BAPI-table with the main records of the main file.

Use a single file with an ID in the first column: One file will contain all the information for data input. Two variants can apply when using this method:

Here is an example that uses a single file without a key (blue lines are not part of the file):

Identifier (3) Employee name (50) Marital Status (1)
001 John Smith M
Identifier (3) Employee's children (20) Age (2)
002 Carol 5
002 William 2


Enable error-handling through a Z table

Button for Files Location