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Template Concept

The Estimation Templates are the heart of AboveSoft Predictor. These templates can be defined by the user (from the Menu > Database > Edit Templates, or click "Edit Templates" button). A good estimation template will result in good estimations; or at least be closer to good estimations, which due to the learning ability of the application will end up in better estimations.

The application comes with some already predefined templates which are published to the SAP system if there are no templates in it; these are:

[Demo][English] SAP ABAP template (default when english) ABAP/4 preconfigured template.
[Demo][Spanish] SAP ABAP template (default when spanish) Spanish version of the previous template.
[Demo][English] SAP Functional template Does not require technical knowledge. Use it for customizing and when project components are not yet designed.

[Demo][Spanish] SAP Functional template

Spanish version of the previous template.
[Demo][English] SAP BW Template BW preconfigured template.
[Demo][English] An estimation exists Use this template if you already have an estimation and you want to exploit the exponential regression or expenditure estimation.

Usually there will be one estimation template per team, for example one for the ABAP Team, one for the BW Team, one for the CRM Team, one for the ERP Customizing Team and so on. But you can customize the universe of Estimation Templates as needed.

You could have more than one template per team, or a single template for more than one team. If you have more than one template per team, a difference between them may be the degree of detail necessary to generate an estimate.

Let's suppose you are required to provide quick estimates at the beginning of projects to determine the expected cost of them. At an early stage of a Project you wouldn't have all the information to perform a thorough estimation. In that case you could have a high-level estimation template, containing questions like "How many charts are in the screen?", "How many lists are displayed?", "How many pages has the Software Requirements' Document?", "How many words has the Spec?". A template like this will probably provide you with grossly estimates, but they would be quick -as expected- and consistent through time.

In a later stage of the Project you will have more detail about it, and you would be able to refine your estimate by using a different -more detailed- estimation template. That new template will provide you with a more accurate estimate.