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Template Editor

The Template Editor window is divided in two parts. The Graphical Editor and the Text Editor.

The Graphical Editor is easier to use. You can modify an existing template or create a new one by right-clicking on existing nodes. When you start a new Estimation Template, the first node (which describes the template) is automatically created. To create the next node just right-click on that node and fill the required fields. The same logic applies to the rest of the template, you have to right-click on a node and create the others.

There are four types of these nodes:

Initial node: Template Description (only one node per template).
Area: An area which groups functionally-related tasks.
Task: A task that can be estimated.
Subtask: A subtask that can be estimated. It only exists if the parent task was evaluated (a user entered a value for it). Each subtask can have multiple instances or a single one. If a subtask has multiple instances, the subtask (question) will appear as many times as the number entered for the parent task.


If you had one screen with high complexity, then the estimate would be 4 hours. 2 hours for being a screen, 2 hours more for being of high complexity.


Import/Export buttons: Imports and Exports a template file in CSV format (Comma-Separated Values). This feature is useful if you want to design the Estimation Template in a Spreadsheet application. Take an existing Template, export it as a CSV file, open it in a Spreadsheet application and there you will have the format that AboveSoft Predictor can interprete. Just replace as necessary and use it to create new templates.

When importing a new template you can leave the two optional ID columns empty. Those are the internal IDs that represent nodes and parent nodes. If they are empty new IDs will be assign to them, and the parent ID will be the ID assigned to the previous node of a higher level (smaller number). When modifying existing templates DO NOT DELETE the two optional columns, otherwise a new ID would be assign to them and existing Projects would point to invalid nodes.

You can also use this feature to export the template and validate the time assignments with the rest of the team(s).

Find button: Use it to search for some text in the Text Editor.

Task button: Check/Uncheck this option to automatically add a Task when an Area is added to the Template.

Zoom In/Zoom Out buttons: Zooms In or Out the image in the Graphical Editor.