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Quick Start

There are three starting points -indicated in red- where you should start, depending on what type of user you are:

Quick Start

If there are no Estimation Templates for the kind of Projects you intend to estimate, you have to start by creating them. Typically you would have a single Template per team; in this example three templates were created, one for the ABAP Team, a second one for the BW Team and a third one for the Web Team (Note: All these teams have to share a single SAP system for exchanging Templates and Projects with the Project Manager -typically this would be the ERP System).

You can organize the Estimation Templates as you want, for example you can have more than one Template for the same set of tasks but for different levels of detail. Suppose you are often required to provide estimates for non-finished Specifications or Requirements. You can set up basic templates for high-level requirements, with questions such as "Number of Charts in the screen" or "Number of SAP Modules to customize". The higher the level -low detail-, the higher the time assignment for each task.

When a low-detail requirement arrives, you can use a higher level template to provide a quick estimate. If later you receive a more detailed specification or if you iterate with users to the point of getting a detailed set of requirements, then you can go back to AboveSoft Predictor and use a different -lower level- Template to calculate a more accurate estimate.