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Product Characteristics

Product compatibility

This product is compatible with most SAP solutions, including SAP R/3®, the mySAP™ ERP application and mySAP Business Suite. AboveSoft Predictor is intended for any SAP system, including BW and CRM.

In this manual and also in the software itself you will find references to "SAP". This is a generic reference to all these SAP solutions.

Components of this product


AboveSoft Predictor is a tool for estimating Projects' development time and expenditure. AboveSoft Predictor can learn from historical estimates in order to improve future estimations. It establishes a connection to any SAP Development System, and uses it as a repository to save and share Templates and Projects, and to notify teams from SAP Office.

For a given Project, the application calculates a first estimate based on a preconfigured template (an ABAP/4 and BW preconfigured templates are provided with the application) and based on your historical estimates it also calculates an adaptive estimate which should better approximate your Project's actual duration.

You can graphically create your own estimation templates or modify the existing ones. Each of these templates define several nodes that represent a tree of questions, and depending on your answers a set of these questions can open up another set of questions.

Every time AboveSoft Predictor runs, it generates a unique CRC-32 key for each node of the current template. Thus, if you need to change some node definition of your customized template you will disable your existing history for that node only. This feature improves flexibility because you will be able to maintain your templates without worrying about historical estimates affecting future estimations.

Due to its graphical editor, you can easily build a template for different kinds of Projects, different stages of a Project, or build a template for some other kind of project not related to IT.

The MultiProject feature helps Project Managers to trigger several estimations to different teams in a click, and consolidates all the estimates in a single view. This is especially useful when your Project involves different technologies from different teams, or if you want to assign each task to the more expert members of a team.