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MultiProject Notifications

This flowchart shows how Notifications works when a user saves a MultiProject:


Internet mail: The email address entered in transaction SU01 for each user (each user can modify their email addresses in transaction SU0 or SU1).

Distribution List: SAP Shared Distribution List created in the SAP Business Workplace (transaction SBWP > Distribution Lists; or transaction SO23). To use a SAP Shared Distribution List as a recipient, name it as the User Group created in AboveSoft Predictor. Since SAP's Distribution List name accepts 12 characters in capital letters, only the first 12 characters of AboveSoft Predictor's User Group will be converted to capital letters and used to match a SAP Distribution List (e.g. you can have a User Group named 'BW Development Team' and a SAP Shared Distribution List named 'BW DEVELOPME' and they will match).

AboveSoft Predictor will send mails directly from SAP Application Servers, and the Send Process will be initiated automatically by the tool. In case you have problems receiving emails, use transaction SCOT to determine the cause. The SAP server as well as the internal network have to be properly configured in order to send emails from SAP. Test this feature directly from the SAP Business Workplace in transaction SBWP.