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MultiProject Concept

You can start a MultiProject if you are responsible for a Project which involves estimating different tasks by different people -usually those who will develop the solution.


A MultiProject provides an easy way to select several estimation templates and assign them to different teams (or team members). When a MultiProject is activated the recipients receive an email notification of the pending estimation task they were assigned to.

A MultiProject contains the following:

- A MultiProject description available for anyone who opens the MultiProject document.
- A custom message for each team or team members who receive the request for estimation.
- Links to shared documents located on network servers or intranet/internet servers.
- Predefined templates which are used by recipients to perform the estimations.


Description: This is the MultiProject description. When adding Projects to the MultiProject, this description will be taken as the default message for the recipients of that Project. You can delete the default message or add information to it.

Shortcuts: Shortcuts added to the MultiProject will be received by recipients of the Projects. This is useful to link Technical Specifications and other Documents which are necessary by recipients to fill the estimation data. Files and Paths are shown in different columns and you can open both by double-clicking in each.

Results: The MultiProject will show Estimated Time and Total Duration (if entered) here. If not all the Projects were estimated, a "(Partial)" legend will appear next to the total results.

Generate Email Notifications for non-completed Projects during Activation: If this flag is checked, recipients will receive an email notification sent from the SAP System (SAP Business Workplace / SAP Office). Click here to see how this works


In the Projects or Tasks tab you can add Projects (tasks) by selecting a template from the available templates in the system. After selecting the template you will be required to enter the message for the recipient(s) of this Project. By default the message is the one that appears as the MultiProject Description; you can modify, delete or add info to this message.

Recipients assigned to single Project or Task: Add individual recipients or User Groups. The recipients will be notified of this new assigment according to this flowchart.