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Management Information


Project name

Use this field to indicate a project name and/or a short description for the project.

From date - To date

Use these fields to indicate when the project starts and finishes.

Calculate (to date)

Select this option to let AboveSoft Predictor calculate the ending date for the project. The number of days for the Project are taken from the estimation -the fractional part (hours and minutes) are considered as an additional day-. Public holidays and non-working days are dismissed and the application will look for the next available days.

Set up calendar

Use this button to set up public holidays and working days (the calendar is also available via the menu). To add or remove a public holiday, double-click the calendar days. Public holidays will appear in a bold font. To avoid setting up the calendar for every installation within a network, choose a shared folder to maintain the calendar (from Menu/Options/Folders).

Project team

Use this field to indicate the personnel who participate in the project and the taks they have to perform. Include more information for later filtering of projects when applying historical estimations.


Use this field to describe the components of the project. Include more information for later filtering of projects when applying historical estimations.

Template file

This label indicates which file has been taken as the current template file.

Actual duration

After finishing the project, enter this value to:

- Lock the project: This prevents project from further modifications.
- Adjust future estimations: This value will be compared against the "Template estimation" estimation in order to generate a new value used in "Adaptive estimation".
- Calculate actual expenditure: The actual expenditure will be calculated after entering the actual duration.

Unlock project button

Press this button (and confirm the operation) to unlock the project if you need to add new items to it, or if you need to change some information in it.