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The Inbox shows messages generated by MultiProjects whenever one of their Projects are assigned to you or to a group that you belong to. Each time you start AboveSoft Predictor, the inbox will be checked to see if there are new messages and the Inbox will be started in case there is a message.

There are two statuses for a message; "New" (indicated by the mail icon) and "Taken" (indicated by the tick icon). The "New" status means a task from a MultiProject was created and assign to you or to a group that you belong to, and no one of the recipients have taken the assignment yet.

The "Taken" status means one of the recipients have assumed the task (created the Project) for that message.


When a recipient double-clicks on a message the following window shows up:


This message indicates the sender (the one that created the MultiProject), the recipient (invididual or group), the subject (name of the MultiProject), the body of the message, the template which the estimation will be based in, and shortcuts to documents which can help during the estimation process.

Shortcuts to documents, as well as paths, can be opened by double-clicking the corresponding column and row.

Edit Project button: Click this button to create the Estimation Project. As soon as you create this project, the estimate can be seen by the sender as part of the MultiProject Total Estimated Time. If you create the Project but you find you are not able to fill the Data Input tab at this time, then delete the Project so the message will become pending again (and available to the rest of the group if assigned to a group).

New Message only: Check this option if you want to show only new messages.

Created (or modified) in the last NN days: Change this option to reduce or expand the number of messages shown in the Inbox, depending on how many days ago you want to show.