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How can AboveSoft Predictor improve over time

AboveSoft Predictor can improve over time providing more accurate estimates. This can be achieved by following these principles:

1) There are Estimation Templates that define tree of questions, each of the questions -or nodes- with a related duration; some of them will be activated only if their parent questions are answered. The following figure shows a question that activates two more questions:

Anyone can create a template, and it's very easy to do it by using the graphical editor. Usually Experts on each field would be the ones creating them. Some templates are included as examples.

2) The ended projects will be considered for calculating future estimates. This learning process is dynamic, it only depends on which ended projects you want to select at the moment of estimating a new project. Suppose you have a template TEMPLATE; and you select the ended projects A and B as historical estimates to adjust the new estimate:

The template configuration has different durations for each of its questions. Project A used Question2 and Question3 to calculate an estimate; and Project B used Question1 and Question2. Now for a new estimate, the adaptive version of TEMPLATE uses each project deviations to calculate a new duration for its nodes -the average of template plus node's actual duration on the projects-. See the figure above for more information.